How do you know that it is love?

I love that feeling when you get when you meet an exciting man. At first you presume it is love but the truth is that it may just be excitement. Like so many of the other girls at London escorts, I find it fairly easy to fall in love. After all, we meet men all of the time. I thought that I would initially get bored with the gents I met at London escorts of but I found the opposite it true, it is fun meeting different men. Is it easier to fall in love with some men than others? I think so. The kind of guy that I normally fall in love with is well spoken. One thing that he needs to have is a sense of humour. Some of the high profile men I date at London escorts do not have a sense of humour at all, and I just think of them as professional dates. However, I met other men at London escorts that I have found it ten times easier to fall in love with. They tend to be the guys who make me laugh and seem to have some kind of personal interest in me. Basically guys who are easy to chat to. I know when I am in love with a date at London escorts when I start looking up his name in my little London escorts diary. If he has not been to see me for a while I wonder what he has been up to, and why he is not coming to see me. When he next arranges a London escorts date with me, I get all excited. Oh yes, I have known to be standing there giggling like a little school girl when my favorite gents have come around. They don’t seem to mind at all/ The truth is that many of them seem to look forward to seeing me as well. Working for London escorts is something which is very special to me. At first I did not think that I would enjoy it all, but now I am really hooked. I can see why so many girls stay on working for London escorts for along time. Personally I don’t think that I will be in a hurry to give up my work at the London escorts service that I am working for at the moment. We seem to get a lot of nice gents calling and that is what makes my day special at the end of the night. What if I really fell in love? If I fell deeply in love with one of my dates, I would tell him. I am not embarrassed to talk to gents how I feel about them anymore. In the past two years, it is obvious that more and more gents have started to look for genuine company. That is not a problem for me at all. Some girls who work as London escorts can be kind of stand offish and I am not sure that they last in the business for very long. If you like to make it big as an escort in London, you really need to be prepared to give of yourself and your heart. Do all London escorts do that? I am not sure that they do, but I am one of those girls who like to wear my heart on my sleeve.

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