Raising Children In A Brave New World

It is not easy to raise a family today. Working for London escorts makes it even more challenging. First of all, I work really long hours at night. My children always wonder why I work at night. Of course, I could tell them that I work as a nurse, but I worry too much that the truth would come out one day. Instead, I have told my children I work in a club. I know that it is a lie but telling them I work for a cheap escorts agency would mean I would have to do a heck a lot of explaining. Life is difficult enough.

Like other London escorts, I am pretty okay with other people’s sexual orientation. I guess you should really expect that. Not all London escorts are straight like me. Many of the other London escorts that I work with are bisexual. It is not a problem for me as a person, but as a mom, this is not a situation that is easy to deal with. My children simply can’t understand why sometimes mommy’s work colleagues kiss a man and sometimes they kiss a woman. I am sure that you can see what I mean.

It makes me wonder how I should bring my kids up. Yes, I know that I will have to tell them about my London escorts one day. That will surely have some impact on their lives. But I do wonder if I should bring up my children to be a little bit more open-minded about sexuality. In other words, should I bring up my children to be gender fluid? That is something that I have been wondering about for some time now.

Am I the only London escorts MILF to worry about this? I am not sure that I am not. There are many other girls who work for London escorts who have children and worry about how they should explain bisexuality to their kids. As it is, it obvious to me that my children clearly identify with their genders. One is a boy and one is a girl. I am happy with the way things are for them, but at the same time, I worry that if I don’t talk to them about genders, they are going to have a hard time when they are older.

What do other moms do? I am sure that you don’t have to work for a London escorts agency to worry about this topic. Some schools are trying to do their best to deal with the problem. There are schools in Birmingham who openly teach kids about the LGBTQ community. Is that a good thing? On the surface of it, it may seem that it is a good idea, but I am still not sure. Kids have so many things to worry about when they grow up. Do we need to add to their confusion? I honestly don’t think so. For now, I have decided that the problem with gender identity has to wait until another day.