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It is okay to grow old, but it best to try avoiding growing up. Did you know that people who play together stay younger for longer? Perhaps this goes some way to explain why so many men who are into dating London escorts enjoy role play. It is obvious that many of these men like to play and have fun with their friends from London escorts. Does playing have health benefits? It may well do.

It has been recognised for a long time that people who play stay younger for longer. That must mean role-play has a range of health benefits. If you have not as yet tried it, perhaps it is about time you gave London escorts a call and found out a little bit more about it. Judging by the number of London escorts who are into role play, there must be something to it. Maybe it is about time scientists investigated why men and women who are into role play seem to live for longer.

What are the health benefits of role play? We know that playing can help us to relax and feel better about ourselves. If that is the case, maybe we should all play more. One of the advantages of playing and having fun is a lower blood pressure. As we all know, a lower blood pressure leads to fewer heart problems and other circulatory disorders. If that is not good enough to arrange a date with London escorts I really don’t know what is.

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